i have a new tumblr that isn’t this one

hey everyone. this is jacob. you might remember me from not having posted anything of substance in like a year, and from previously posting long-winded, self-involved, pedantic political rants. i got really tired of the community that this blog was tied to, so i abandoned it and started a new one. i don’t post nearly as much as i did on this one, and when i do it’s mostly about music or breaking bad. so if you liked when i wrote about things of that nature, you should look at it! if not, don’t.

here’s the thing. so much of this weird ‘community’ i was a part of on here was like following people not for their content but for whether they seemed cool or not. and it was home to so much weird arguing and trying to be the best social justice person. it’s unhealthy and i suggest anyone still getting in such arguments on this platform walk away from it for a while. you’ll be much happier; i know i was.

so the political content you can expect to be on there will be pretty much equivalent to when tom breihan chides a song for being misogynistic on an album he otherwise likes. only in the context of art and only when appropriate. but my ask and everything is open on there, so if you for some reason missed my insufferable internet presence, you can find it there.

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Judy Berman: So, I am as disappointed as anyone about Azealia vs. Angel…


… but here’s what bugs me about getting all scoldy about it: The blame shouldn’t fall solely on the shoulders of these two hugely talented young women. This isn’t an isolated incident. It’s happened too many times between female rappers. The bigger problem is the fucking Thunderdome mentality…

but the thing is

  1. azealia banks is terrible
  2. angel haze is amazing
  3. azealia starts beef with everyone. i honestly think that it has nothing to do with gender. any other two female rappers, and i might agree, but azealia has started beef with way too many people, male and female, for this time to be considered anything different. this is only notable because it’s one of the few times she’s put her fucking money where her mouth is and actually recorded a track rather than just being stupid on twitter. and angel still murked her, btw.
  4. what azealia started with haze (accusing her of not being “real” because she wasn’t born in new york, despite the fact that she grew up in a dangerous cult, which is infinitely realer) was pretty disrespectful in its own right. any finger-wagging, at least on my part and those of my friends, is for azealia being disrepectful and bigoted.
  5. beef is a part of hip-hop culture, and has been for nearly three decades, and women have played a part in it since it began. this one is actually relatively tame; so far neither has threatened to cum on the other’s baby seat. roxanne shanté was one of the first rappers to rise to acclaim as a battler. to claim that for female rappers to engage in it is emblematic of sexism is to ghettoize them. even if you say that they’re not entirely to blame implies that women beefing is something that needs to be “blamed.” it sets a different standard for female rappers to live up to, which is unfair. you claim that they’re treated like a novelty, but how is it any different for you to want them to act a certain way? to demand that they sacrifice this element of rap culture in favor of being role models for female empowerment is to position them as women first and rappers second.
  6. being “disappointed” in them again makes it seem like you want them to act a certain way to please you. it’s super patronizing.
  7. really, did you hear haze’s disses? they are on-point. i don’t even care if the first one was supposedly recorded a while ago; azealia should still be hurting from the spoken word bits.

seemingly random topics of internet research that are detrimental to my concentration, sleep schedule, and self-esteem, for varying reasons

  • fitness/weight loss
  • euro board games
  • noise music production
  • prices of guitar pedals

junot diaz

uhh wreck it ralph wasn’t that good. rly good animation and yeah i guess the plot was unusually tight and complex for a kids’ movey, but that’s the thing; every compliment you could give it would be followed by “for a kids’ movey.”  i’ve been reading reviews that marvel at how intricate the plot is or whatever, and it is really tightly plotted, but honestly the only adult-worthy entertainment you could get from it is by appreciating how tight the plot is from afar without actually being invested in it. it was entertaining and very well-made, but ultimately not for adults. which is fine. not every piece of children’s entertainment that’s made with care and respect and isn’t total trash needs to have some sort of crossover adult appeal. i actually really respect it for that. it’s not trying to go for faux grown-up high-art like wall-e or whatever, but also isn’t going for cheap, crass baby gerbil-fucking geniuses and smurf dogs 3 or whatever. it’s a very carefully constructed, well-made movie that only aims to entertain kids. because kids deserve to be entertained, despite that what they find entertaining isn’t always to adult tastes. it’s cynical to insist that it needs to entertain us, too, because it implies that kids aren’t worthy of being entertained. i’m saying this as a grownup who likes kids’ movies, btw, but i do because i have a really fukn immature sense of humor and poop jokes are way funnier than shit jokes. insisting that kids’ movies have something to appeal to you is kind of like if some theater asshole complained about dancer in the dark not having enough musical numbers. just because it has ELEMENTS that you might find enjoyable doesn’t mean that it’s for you. when you go too far in that direction, you get shit that actually bores kids to death and it’s called wall-e and isn’t as good as peter travers said it was. basically, wreck it jean ralphio can be summed up by what my dad said about it: “that would be awesome if you were ten.” ten-yr-olds deserve stuff that they think is awesome, and they shouldn’t have to sacrifice it for us.

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Leviathan was probably the best movie I’ve seen this year. Very worth the two hour trip across state lines to see it.



only a witch cat can close a door

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